Right Songs ~ Jim Gach
Shiner Bock Kinda Guy (Cowboy Cadillac)
Cowboy Cadillac
© 2006 Jim Gach

Woke up today another Monday morning
Showered and shaved, put on a suit and a tie
Combed my hair, looked in the mirror and I began wonderin?
Cause I knew I?d sold my soul for a lie.

Quit my job got me a cowboy Cadillac
With a good hound dog and a cold six pack
And I?m heading down to San Antoine
I ain?t never looking back.

I have no need for suits and ties,
No need for pretence or for lies.
Don?t want no Cabernet Sauvignon,
Cause I?m a Shiner Bock kind of guy.

Got a new job workin? with my hands
On the weekends I?m playing in a band.
I earn one half of what I used to make
But it?s all real and I?m not fake.


Found a lady who looks like a movie queen,
She looks best dressed up in jeans.
Dinner out is barbeque and wings
And she doesn?t need a diamond ring.


Her idea of fun is fishing in a stream,
With waders on and trout in out dreams
She likes my dog, an ordinary mutt,
She like my car, it?s a pick-up truck.

Well quit my job got me a cowboy Cadillac
With a good hound dog and a cold six pack
And I?m living down in San Antoine
And I ain?t never going back.

Lyrics Credits: Jim Gach
Music Credits: Jim Gach
Producer Credits: Garrick Alden
Publisher Credits: Right Songs - Jim Gach
Performance Credits: Garrick Alden
Short Song Description:
Giving up corporate life for the simpler things that mean more in the end.
Story Behind the Song:
I was in Austin several years ago and wanted to go to San Antonio. I asked someone how far it was, and honest to God, they replied, "About a 6 pack." So here it is subtly included in this song.
Song Length: 3:39
Primary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Country-General
Tempo: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Change
Mood 1: In High Spirits
Language: English